This is a news segment in which I appeared in from Channel 13 news in Las Vegas from June 2004. I pretty much blew the whistle on all the vandalism that was going on at the Little Red Rocks. It borders Red Rock Canyon, just West of Las Vegas. The Hughes Corporation acquired the land from the BLM in a shady land deal years ago. To make a long story short...I was contacted from a surprised and a bit patronizing CEO of Hughes Corporation the very next day. I told him that I was also writing a two story article on how the Hughes Corporation has recklessly left the Paiute Native American sacred Little Red Rocks unprotected. My ultimate goal was to have enough public support to stop the development of that key pre-historic native American area. To this day, the Little Red Rocks is far.








This is news article covering the unveiling of the Paiute Native American mural that I was commissioned by the City of Henderson, Nevada in 2004.



This is an article that was published in Q-Vegas Magazine's July 2004 issue. I wrote them to make the local public in the Las Vegas valley aware of the Hughes Corporation's reckless disregard for protecting the sacred Paiute Native American ancestral sites, known as the Little Red Rocks. I painted a few canvases depicting various areas of the Little Red Rock region to relay what a beautiful place it was to live in the time native Americans called it home. In contrast, I took pictures of the Little Red Rock sites to show all the heart breaking vandalism and destruction to the Paiutes sacred homeland. The Hughes Corporation tried to persuade me not to publish the articles, but I did anyway. The region is still undeveloped to this far.





This is a painting for a book cover, commissioned by HRA, inc. an archaeological conservation firm. The canvas depicts an early Native America settlement near the Las Vegas Wash about 500 A.D. Oil on canvas 12"x24" 2008



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